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1560AM adds humor to lonely, serious workday.

Shynolan Reese

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Online readers respond to "Why We Can't Be Friends on Facebook," Hair Balls blog, by Craig Hlavaty, March 30:

Drinking buddies confirmed: I made a recent post on my Facebook page that received a lot of likes: "Seriously, unless we got drunk together, share similar musical tastes, were fetchin' roommates, got drunk together, DJ'd together, played sport together, got drunk together, traveled together, danced in a drug-filled haze together ... erm ... drank together, then guess what? We're not Facebook friends."


Dropping "friends": When I first joined Facebook, a friend of mine had encouraged me, saying I could catch up with old high school classmates from twenty-something years ago. Since then, I've dropped or been dropped by a lot of those people, as I never stayed on the prim and proper Christian path they chose. Sorry, I have a big mouth for a reason. God wants me to use it to the best of my abilities.


A sales friending: Shortly after I joined FB, a dude I went to high school with friended me, then sent me a "Hi, how are you?" message that ended in a sales pitch, because I guess he saw on my profile what I do. I didn't reply to his message, just un-friended him. He was a nice guy, too.


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