A Sad East Texas Tale

Chunn was buried in Conroe this past Valentine's Day.

"We were just so thrilled about seeing her happy," McGough says. "It's hard to even believe right now that she's gone, that it's over."


There’s tons of stuff each day on the Houston Press blogs; you’re only getting a taste of it here in the print edition. Head to blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs (or “/rocks” or “/eating” or “/artattack”).


In honor of The Kennedys mini-series, we listed the five horniest presidents America has produced. (Number 1 wasn't much of a surprise.) For Tax Day, we listed five pieces of absolute crap produced by artists suddenly facing back-tax bills. We had video of a school cop pepper-spraying a squirrel to the horrified shrieks of middle-school girls, and we noted a study that found women who get more semen in them are less likely to be depressed.


We got silly, naming our top five giggle-worthy cocktail names, and grumpy, listing the five worst parking lots in town. We pitted Cadbury eggs against Peeps to see which Easter candy reigned supreme. We enjoyed pork chops at Esther's, a massive Indian buffet lunch at Udipi, and fried rice at Pho Dung, but not the pizza at the new Tasting Room at CityCentre. And we capped it all off with a can of champagne.


Our Sean Pendergast, five-time winner of the Jim Rome Smack-Off, analyzed this year's contest. The Astros' season got ugly quickly, the Texas Bowl now has an ungainly corporate name, and we found video showing just how ungodly hot it must have been to watch major-league baseball in Houston before the Dome.


Houston Grand Opera got a $4 million donation, so we took the opportunity to ask other artists what they'd do with a million dollars. In honor of Shannen Doherty, we looked at TV's Ten Biggest Bitches. And we tortured Peeps — flushed them, burned them and threw them off a building. Of course, like cockroaches, they survived.

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