Huh? Why wouldn't Houston Press review The Men's Club? They serve food, you review food — seems like a no-brainer to me. I enjoy visiting adult establishments every once in a while, and though I usually just have drinks while I'm there, I have often wondered if the food is worth ordering. I'm grateful Shilcutt did the dirty work (pardon the pun) so that I now have an answer.

Might I request your next adult review: "steak night" at the swingers' club (it's a thing, I swear). I'm just so damn curious about the quality of their meat...

Rebecca Hadley

Bob the Bard

Online readers comment on "Bob Dylan: 50 Years After His Debut, Have Things Changed?" Rocks Off blog, by Rocks Off contributors, April 11:

Full house: This isn't an exact quote, but a British actor said of Shakespeare: When you play Shakespeare, you are amazed that all of those people, those thoughts, those words, those insights, depths and emotions were in one man — they had to be for him to have written that way.

That is what I think about after listening to Dylan for 50 years. Listen to his newer songs and how he "acts" them. Listen to every word, every line, every shade of emotion. First, he had to live it, then he had to write it, then he had to compose it, then he had to record it, then he had to take it on the road. And all of that is one man.

And the range goes from funny to mysterious to profound. From simple to complex. And it's all in conversational American English that seems spontaneous. He is a storyteller, always. But he does it with "characters," and all of those "people" are inside of him. The actor pointed out that Shakespeare had a full house inside. Dylan has the American "house" inside.


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Mookie von Zipper
Mookie von Zipper

thurstonh3 says: "...because we choose not to raise taxes on the richest among us. so sad we get upset over symbolic issues like a shuttle versus what really matters for our future: education."

so sad we get upset over symbolic issues like class warfare versus the issue at hand: the boneheaded and utterly political decision to screw houston out of a shuttle... raising taxes on the richest 1% who are already paying upwards of 40% of the overall tax burden won't solve any of our current education problems... but it will make us feel better about ourselves, imposing some arbitrary tax increase on those who ostensibly aren't paying their fair share...


Yeah, hope all those whose job goes away and much of what Houston has been known for is lost remember Obama on election night.


All I have to say is this, "Did Jim Lovell say ' Los Angeles, we have a problem.' , or did Neil Armstrong say ' New York, the eagle has landed.'?" No, the first word spoken from the surface of the moon (THE MOON people) was Houston, and Commander Lovell called upon the people in Houston to help him and his crew get back home. Furthermore, the astronauts who gave their lives for the space program called Houston home, as do most of their widows and widowers still to this day.

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