Mitch Fatel

Comedian Mitch Fatel seems to have sex on the brain, as evidenced by his routines and tweets. One recent tweet read: “Leaving AZ and coming home to a warm vagina...if my gf remembered to take it out of the fridge.” You can’t blame Fatel; one of his first gigs was as an intern on Howard Stern’s radio show, where the idea that sex is funny was drilled into his head on a daily basis. A regular performer on New York stages since the age of 15, he called his first CD Miniskirts and Muffins.

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Improv Comedy Club

7620 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024

Category: Community Venues

Region: Outer Loop - NW

So consider this fair warning — Fatel’s show is not for the easily offended. Especially, it seems, if you are a woman with less than huge boobs. “I like small breasts, they have more personality,” Fatel says on his new DVD, Mitch Fatel Is Magical. “They’re like, ‘Hi, can I help you with something?’ and you’re like, ‘Naawww. I’m just looking.’” Detractors may be incensed that his style of delivery is reminiscent of a mentally challenged person (Fatel’s last CD was titled Super Re-tardo), but his rhythm does add a “wait for it...wait for it” anticipation to the punch line. “Everything on the Internet leads to sex,” he offers. “You can look up bread [and] what will come up is ‘hot girls shoving bread into their pussies’...And I kind of want to see that.” 8 p.m. Thursday, 8 and 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The Improv, 7620 Katy Freeway. For information, call 713-333-8800 or visit $17 to $20.
June 2-5, 2011

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