Calling All Sluts

Time to fight back

Spaced City

For some reason, KPRC posted prom pictures of its anchors and reporters, including Dominique Sachse. Why, we have no idea. A study found Houston to be among the ten deadliest cities for pedestrians, so maybe it's a good idea no one walks here. And a doctor at the Baylor College of Medicine believes he has found a vaccine against cocaine addiction, but is running into red-tape problems getting it approved.

Art Attack

On the 22nd anniversary of her death, we looked back on the life of Gilda Radner with some of her best-loved characters. We introduced our new weekly roundup of Tumblr sites (Cosby Show sweaters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and swanky restrooms each received some special attention). We reviewed Masquerade Theatre's production of Jekyll and Hyde, Catastrophic Theatre's Crave and gave you our predictions for fall TV.

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Acolvin Geo
Acolvin Geo

Mob mockery. Always an excellent way to shift public perception -- if you're a stand-up comic.(Or Nancy Reagen.) If not, it's just the carnival passing through. .


Calling all sluts:

Nobody deserves to be assaulted, regardless of what they wear or don't wear. Nobody deserves to be robbed either.

Common sense tells you not to flash your cash, whether or not it's your fault if you get mugged later or not. The same sense should tell you not to flash your ass too. This movement is retarded.

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