Broken Promises

Readers recount problems with DFPS


Scary: Claudette had been downgraded to a depression when it squatted over Alvin.  I lived in Sharpstown and had never seen the sky so black, we must have had at least ten inches of rain.  I'd put Ike and Allison as 2a and 2b.  There is some debate among weather people whether Allison was actually a tropical storm, and if it was it was only briefly, but that's not important; what is is how unpredictable storms are.  The scary thing is, something worse than Ike could hit this summer.  I remember Alicia hit in a dry year.  During Alicia, I lived near Hobby Airport and we got the eyewall, Hobby had sustained wind of 96 mph.  The southeast side was a wreck.


Little India

And, our online readers comment on our May 25 cover story "Little India" by Katharine Shilcutt:

Secret stash: This has been my little secret for at India Grocers (cheapest rice and spices around), eating in and around the Hillcroft area for over 15 years...I buy housewarming gifts and jewelry in this area and I have been known to buy a sari or three. I love Bollywood films and Indian House Music is probably up there with '80s music for me...great music/films to be found in this area as well.

Thank you again for shedding light on one of my favorite places in the city. Period.


Hunger: Great, great article. It makes me hungry all over again and I just had lunch. It is one of my first stops when heading down Hillcroft and ending at Indian groceries.

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Please keep HISD teachers at the forefront of you investigative noses this summer. There is an award winning story here..follow the bloggers on school ..things will explode this summer and we need someone to cover it besides the Hou Chron.


Please read my blog dedicated to my ongoing problems with DFPS. I have tape recordings of CPS caseworker/supervisor falsifying government documents and Anne Heiligenstein stating that she would do a thorough review of the case. I even have documentation from Governor Perry's office stating they will do thorough review of this. Nothing has happened to date!!!

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