Bottle rockets: I think the security guards at the front of the stage launching full bottles of water at people in the audience was about one of the dumbest things I have ever seen at a concert. Did they not realize that it was dark, and not everyone could see water bottles being thrown through the air from 40 feet away? Free Press is very fortunate that somebody didn't get smacked in the face and lose their teeth. I can't believe nobody put a stop to that.

Security Guards Suck

Awesome: I had been looking at set lists for the last few weeks and was hoping we would get "El Scorcho" and "Susanne." The show brought me right back to high school, driving around with a giant "w" on the back of my '96 Pontiac Grand Am. Great write-up Craig – it was an awesome show. True facts.

Caitlin Kaluza

Houston Trends to Share

Online readers comment on "5 Food Trends Houston Should Export," Eating Our Words blog, by Katharine Shilcutt, June 3:

Reasonable prices: When I first heard about this question, the first thing that came to my mind was something much more broad – good food at reasonable prices. Houston's best restaurants might not be able to compete with best restaurants in other cities around the world, but I dare say that when it comes to truly great food at prices that don't kill the pocketbook, Houston is nearly impossible to beat.


Kolaches! When my friend from Atlanta was on a work project here in Houston he mocked the concept of stores selling "pigs in blankets." By the time he left a year later, he wept, for there were to be no kolaches back home.


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