Too Much Pavement

Houston's strip malls increase heat, pollution.


We started counting down Katharine Shilcutt's 100 favorite dishes in town. We suggested five tasty summer desserts that do not — repeat, do not — require you to turn on your oven, along with five hydrating foods for summer workouts. We tried the moules flight at the Broken Spoke, breakfast at Down House, and bun bo Hue at.Bun Bo Hue. And, of course, we reported on the debacle that was Houston Beer Fest.

Art Attack

After we learned that Ben & Jerry's might make a flavor inspired by Alec Baldwin's famous "Schweddy Balls" Saturday Night Live sketch, we came up with five more SNL sketch-inspired flavors the ice cream purveyors might want to consider (our fave? "Van Down By The Ripple"). We showed you some awesome/godawful sandcastles and interviewed local art collective Exurb. We showed you some ugly bridesmaids dresses, reviewed the Big Range Dance Festival and Main Street Theater's It's Only Life and interviewed John O'Hurley (a.k.a. Peterman from Seinfeld) about his starring role in Chicago the musical.

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Elect patriots, not Zionists.
Elect patriots, not Zionists.

Political AnimalsPresident Obama actually has a job-approval rating over 50 percent among likely Texas voters, although it doesn't mean they'll vote for him, a new poll says. Rick Perry went on Fox News and called himself a "prophet," sorta. And Texas Monthly's always-anticipated list of Best & Worst Legislators was relatively Houston-free this go-round. What, no Dan Patrick?

Was Rick Perry quoted correctly? Isn't it more likely that he called himself a 'profit seeker?'

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