Valley Divided

Both sides weigh in on Glenbrook Valley vote

How about this? I'll come and park in your driveway for a couple of days so you can't move your car. I bet you would be ready to call a wrecker then. But I guess in that case it would be okay and wrecker drivers wouldn't be dumbasses anymore. One thing's for sure: You will need us.


Out of control: I used to work at 3400 Montrose, which sits right across the street from the second-most-towed parking lot in the city. There's a woman who sits over there in a purple van and calls the tow trucks when someone parks their car and walks over to the Chinese Consulate.

One day, I took pictures of a tow truck driver breaking into cars he was about to tow — seemingly for no reason at all, actually. When the family who was towed walked out of the consulate, I ran across the street and then drove them over to the Westheimer storefront police station to show the police the pics.

The first officer said it was "perfectly legal." When I asked to talk to another cop, they ran my license. Tow truck drivers in Houston are out of control, have been for a long time, and there is nothing being done to change the behavior.


Above the law: I've seen tow truck drivers race through traffic at 80-plus miles per hour. I have watched them drive down freeway embankments; over medians, curbs and sidewalks; and even on the wrong side of the road. Cops ignore tow truck drivers' behavior to the point that I wonder at times if the cop gets a touch of the tow fees. They can charge you whatever they decide, because no one in city/county government will stand up for you. For 20 years I've read of city efforts to regulate this business, only for proposals to die in massive push-back efforts.

So, succinctly, yes. They are above the law.


Props to Craig Malisow! This is what committing journalism looks like. I agree that you should do a follow-up. Judging by the number of comments, I'd say you've turned over a rock with something under it. Gotta love Hair Balls and Houston Press.


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