Montrose Muffled

Residents take sides on bar noise issue.

If, in fact, the owner made the shitty remark on Twitter, I guess it would demonstrate the same level of imagination that gave rise to the cutesy (trying hard to be Austin-funky) menu and food. There are lots of really good places to eat in Houston, folks. I think Shilcutt was wrong in her opinion of this one.


These are amazing tacos: They are really outdoing themselves at Greatfull Taco. I've tried nearly half the items on the menu, and all but the chicken strip tacos have been exceptional. The egg white breakfast taco and flying fish taco really stand out.

As far as the owner's idiosyncrasies go, I can't say they really take away from the restaurant. After all, it's the owner's madness that puts Coke and Pepsi next to each other at GT's soda fountain, plasters gorgeous plasma TVs all over the wall of an otherwise rustic interior and hires a gourmet chef to cook up tacos. Brilliant!

Edward Moselle


Houston Press staffers win, place and show in a number of journalism contests

Journalism contests exist for a number of reasons — to give hardworking journalists a boost, to recognize and encourage excel-

lence and to give the public some idea of the merits of the publication they are reading.

If you ever wonder about the independent opinion (of judges from faraway lands) that says yes, the Houston Press is worth reading, here are our latest contest results:

Houston Press food critic Katharine Shilcutt has been named a finalist in the national Association of Food Journalists competition in the multimedia category for "Designer Meats." The placement of finalists will be announced in early October.

• Former staffer Chasen Marshall is a finalist in the National Association of Black Journalists' Salute to Excellence Awards in the Sports category for "Fifth Ward Saints." Winners and runners-up will be announced in early August.

• In the national AltWeekly Awards sponsored by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, the Houston Press has four finalist positions.

Press staffer Craig Malisow is a finalist in the Public Service category for "Prison Pays." Former Press staffer Chris Vogel is a finalist in the Long News Story category for "Victims' Wrongs."

Vogel is also a finalist with co-writer Patrick Michels (of the Dallas Observer) in the Feature Story category for "Asylum Denied." Illustrator Jesse Lenz is a finalist in Illustration for "Turkeys of the Year."

Houston Press staffer Craig Malisow won first place for Best Feature in the regional Best of the West journalism contest for "The Littlest People," while former staffer Chris Vogel won first place in the Growth and Environmental Reporting category for "Steamrolled" in the contest, which takes in 13 states west of the Rockies.

• Malisow was selected Print Journalist of the Year in the statewide Lone Star of Texas awards sponsored by the Press Club of Houston. The package of his stories included "The Littlest People," "Prison Pays" and "Net Gains and Losses." Malisow also received second place in the Politics/Government category for "Prison Pays" and second in the Business Story category for "Net Gains and Losses."

Other first-place Houston Press winners in the Lone Star contest were: Katharine Shilcutt for "Chef Tats" in Photo Package, Chasen Marshall for "Fifth Ward Saints" in Sports Story, Chris Vogel and Patrick Michels for "Asylum Denied" in Investigative, and Margaret Downing for "Children of God" in Commentary/Criticism.

Vogel also placed second in Print Journalist of the Year for "Steamrolled," "Asylum Denied" and "Victims' Wrongs," and second in Public Service for "Steamrolled." Marshall also placed second in Photojournalist of the Year and in Photo Package for "Fifth Ward Saints." Downing placed second in Commentary/Criticism for "The Whipping Boy" and third in the same category for "Homeless High." Downing also placed second in Online Opinion for "Lamar Library."

Former staffer Paul Knight placed third in the Sports Story category for "Third Ward High."

• Knight also received an Award of Excellence for "Mental Cases" in the Medical Economics category of the Frances Moore Journalism Award sponsored by the Harris County Medical Society and Houston Academy of Medicine.

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After listening to Art Navigator @ The White Swan, I was reminded that the electric guitar rocks.Got to hear very cool jamming from a clearly talented guitar player complemented by his bass player and an energetic drummer that also sings. Enjoyed the sound, most of which was original music. The two cover songs they admirably performed included one by Satriani and another by War.


Just want to give a shout out to the awesome original rock band Art Navigator, who donated their time/energy and together with the most awesome audience, raised $$ for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. Great show, they rocked the house! My first time at White Swan - funky, kewl, hip place and great venue for bands.


Caught the show last night at The Black Swan featuring Art Navigator.The band consists of Chris Rodriguez, Kim Johnson, and Colin Rodriguez. Good, loud, rock music,the band played predominately original tunes, mostly written by Chris, the guitarist. Drummer Kim contributed also, trading vocals with Chris, while keeping the beat with bassist, Colin. Seems everyone had a great time, members of the audience even participated in a cover of "Lowrider" .Definitely worth seeing again!


Wow! I saw the same show at the WHITE Swan!! It's the White Swan silly! ;)


Oops, my bad! Told you I had a good time!! The swans all looked alike!

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