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Readers write us regarding illegal game rooms.

I will admit, nothing irks me more than someone texting on their phone or putting on makeup driving well under the posted speed in the left lane. When they get passed, they magically are ready to tailgate you the rest of the way to work/home because all of a sudden, 75 mph isn't fast enough.


Grannygate: One thing is for sure, I'm not moving to the right just so the jerk behind me can tailgate the granny in front of me.


Foresight: Anyone who decides to tailgate is an idiot, period. There's a little thing called "foresight" most Texans don't seem to have. You're in a rush? That's great. Your rush doesn't mean sh*t when your vehicle is rolling because you failed to realize you are not the only idiot who feels more like a man while tailgating.

L Michele


In last week's music feature on Dave Alvin ("Half a Paycheck," by William Michael Smith, July 21), we said Dave Alvin's band the Blasters covered Dwight Yoakam's "Long White Cadillac." It's the other way around: Alvin wrote the song, which Yoakam covers on his 2002 compilation Reprise Please Baby and continues to perform in concert.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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