The Honey Drippers

How much is too much? Glam-rock heroes Roky Moon & BOLT! haven't found out yet.

Longwood adds that Johnson had to literally strap his headphones to his head à la Alex Van Halen because he was playing his drums so hard during the sessions that the headphones kept falling off.

Guitarist Echegaray is responsible for some of the licks and lines that make Honey such a stunner, especially on "She Goes On." For him, the album has a multifaceted concept.

"It refers to those things that feed a lavish, decadent and overindulgent lifestyle, characteristic not only of the glam music we play, but of all of our lives as Americans," he says. "Everyone has their own weakness for such sweet things — is it the stuff you find in bottles and baggies that keeps you up all night wanting more? Is it the screaming girls at the foot of the stage?

Do Roky Moon & BOLT! see their future in that disco ball?
Anthony Rathbun
Do Roky Moon & BOLT! see their future in that disco ball?

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Roky Moon & BOLT!

With Tax the Wolf, Young Girls, sIngs, listenlisten, JW Americana and Lloma, 8 p.m. Saturday, July 30, at Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak, 713-862-3838 or

"Above all, (Honey) serves as a reminder to not get lost along the way, that we still need to come out on the other side in one piece," Echegaray states.

While the band is in the midst of promoting and talking up Honey, they are also looking ahead to making even more additions. Since Roky Moon & BOLT!, they've added horns and cooing girly backup singers, but the next edition should have even more ingredients.

"I have definitely been on the lookout for someone to help with acoustic, percussion, backing vocals and other stuff I want, but I haven't been successful," says Moon. "I am also always on the lookout for another saxophone, maybe a tenor or alto. Of course that is hard to find, especially if you aren't willing to just go and hire some studio player."

Johnson admits that adding so many things could put the band on a slippery slope.

"How much more instrumentation do you pack on before it becomes too bloated? Then again, considering the type of music we're making, is there even a point where it becomes too bloated?" he says. "It'd be nice to have Freddie Mercury around so he could point out the line in the sand and give us a proper lesson in excess."

The band's plans for Saturday night's release show are confidential, but from what we have seen and been told by the band, it's going to be a smashingly vintage affair, sure to please longtime fans. Workman is even getting in on the fun himself.

"Roky has invited me to live out my fantasy, playing the guitar solo to 'The Pony Man' alongside Aaron onstage at the show," he says. "I'll be the guy dressed in the flowing robes of rock. I'm old enough to wear whatever costume I want."

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They did a great version of "Sea of Love" back in the '80s. Love Robert Plant!

Jonathan R. Cohen
Jonathan R. Cohen

I have a strong feeling that this show on Saturday will be talked about for many many years. See y'all there!

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