Nothing Is Wrong

With fans Jackson Browne and Robbie Robertson on board, Dawes settles in for the long haul.

HP: It seems like people in their twenties who know The Last Waltz are pretty rare. How did you get turned on to it?

TG: Just through playing and different musicians. We're very curious guys and we want to hear it all. You can't really get into Bob Dylan and start getting into all the trivia and the fun facts without realizing that he played with The Band. It just ends up there eventually. I think all things lead back to The Band, especially for American rock and roll.

Especially among musicians. I think it's the most romantic concept of what American music could ever be, where you have the guy who writes the songs doesn't sing 'em, and there's three singers, and there's a personality with each musician.

The boys from Big Pink (l-r): Dawes's Wylie Gelber, Griffin Goldsmith, Taylor Goldsmith and Tay Strathairn.
photo by Kevin Hayes
The boys from Big Pink (l-r): Dawes's Wylie Gelber, Griffin Goldsmith, Taylor Goldsmith and Tay Strathairn.

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With Robert Ellis, 8 p.m. Tuesday, August 23, at Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak, 713-862-3838 or

HP: How much does L.A. ­itself ­figure into your music?

TG: I think as much as anybody else who's connected to the place they come from. I think it's the same way that you'll hear a lot of New Jersey with Bruce Springsteen, or you'll hear a lot of Texas with Willie Nelson. With us, we come from L.A. It's not like I'm really in love or obsessed with it, but it's the world that I know because that's where I've lived my whole life. So whenever I'm talking about geography, if that comes up in a song, that tends to be the place.

HP: Some musicians have said that the city is almost like a character in their music. Would you say that's true for your band?

TG: Definitely. I think I have a relationship. I think anybody does eventually, but I definitely have a complicated relationship with L.A. There are things that I hate about it and things that I love about it, and also I like that it's kind of two things at once. It's fascinating to me.

HP: It sounds like you guys have pretty much been on the road since North Hills came out. What do you plan to do when you finally do get a substantial break?

TG: Make sure the next record's written. We don't mind working. We like staying busy, be it at home making an album or being on tour. In this day and age, where content is so accessible, the only bands that stand a chance are the bands that never really leave the scene

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North Hills is a great coffee-making, get-your-morning-going kind of CD. I just love Dawes' sound and that they have the balls to have a B-3 player.

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