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Not So Superstar

A reader responds to "Friday Night: Ben Vereen in Jesus Christ Superstar," Art Attack blog, by D.L. Groover, August 22:

Painful: I wish I could have enjoined members of the Houston art scene to sit in on a rehearsal of the travesty of what constituted a horrible attempt at Jesus Christ Superstar by the Musical Theatre of Houston this past weekend at the Wortham. I feel then we would have had a bit of warning for what we were in for, instead of paying exorbitant prices for the most poorly produced musical I've seen since my junior high days.

The night began with an introduction to continuous audio issues: microphone feedback, missed cues and poor mixing of the orchestra with the singers, including a drummer who sounded like he was playing for a heavy metal rock band, where lyrics are optional. Before I walked out, I was treated to poor staging choices, trite '70s psychedelic references, out-of-step principal dancers and an unfortunately amusing "Thriller" dance by a chorus of lepers. When the lead began to butcher one of the best-loved songs, "I Don't Know How to Love Him," in Shatner-esque phrasing, I finally packed up and left. Ben Vereen was the best part of this show, by far, and, unfortunately, I only heard him once before I hit my threshold of pain.


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Mal Goldberg
Mal Goldberg

if "traditional blues" no longer has a black audience,then where did that audience go ? try looking into the music of Johnny Taylor , Marvin Sease ,Tyrone Davis , Mel Waiters , the KCOH radio playlist of Stevie T ,and Vel Locks ...........mgberg....third ward texas

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