TxDOT Sues Over Steamy Novel

It's titled Don't Mess With Texas.


New Braunfels banned beer cans on the river, sending the state's tradition of beer-aided tubing into a new era; in response to Gawker naming us the 13th-worst state in America (actually better than we thought they would), we gave 50 reasons why Texas is the best state in America. We closely examined Texas-flag bikinis, and how they always get it wrong, and offered the ten sexiest things about the state's punishing drought and heat wave.


We made our own pizza dough, grilled salmon and baked some cupcakes that looked exactly like cheeseburgers. We had The Montrose at Amy's Ice Cream and homemade Peach Butter Pecan goodness at the new Eatsie Boys ice cream truck. We had some chicken and waffle wangs at Party Fowl, the new truck from the same guys as the Modular. We drank Pura Vida tequila at Brennan's, then prayed to the tequila gods at new "gastrocantina" El Gran Malo. Then, by God, we went out and did some gardening, and we gave readers five tips for not killing plants in the inferno that is Houston in August.

Art Attack

Back to school was the order of the day, as we listed what we miss most about the start of the school year, the prettiest (and ugliest) college campuses in the country, and listed the best teachers from the movies. We found some great archival photos in anticipation of Architecture Center Houston's Houston 175 exhibit, and all-out dissed Most Eligible Dallas, simply because it gives us one more reason to hate Dallas.

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Vincent Moh
Vincent Moh

Women are going to cry foul over this one!

Men prefer porno pictures and video clips. Women prefer romance novels like these!


Well, it seems the condom is on the other foot in this instance, isn't it? Looks like the general public takes a screwin' from TXDOT every time they decide to proceed with another ill engineered road project but TXDOT just 'can't' stand it when somebody else is havin' a little fun!

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