Zombie Prom

No matter how bad your senior prom was, it’s nothing compared to what Toffee goes through in the musical comedy Zombie Prom, directed by Paul Hope. Toffee breaks up with her no-good boyfriend Jonny. Heartbroken, he rides his motorcycle to the Francis Gary Powers Nuclear Power Plant and jumps into the cooling tower to end his misery. But things are just getting started for him — his leap into the radioactive gunk in the cooling tower doesn’t kill him, it turns him into a zombie. Now that his rotting flesh is falling off, he’s ready to be the boyfriend Toffee deserves and take her to the senior prom. Lucky Toffee.

Location Info


University of Houston

4800 Calhoun Road
Houston, TX 77004

Category: Schools

Region: Third Ward

On October 29, there’s a special midnight performance and you can be part of the fun. Come in your best prom outfit — or zombie attire — and dance to “Thriller” as part of a flash mob, vote for Prom Queen and King, and try your luck in the costume contest. Through November 6. University of Houston, 4800 Calhoun. For a full schedule, call 713-743-2929 or visit www.uh.edu. $10 to $20.
Fri., Oct. 28; Sat., Oct. 29; Sun., Oct. 30; Mon., Oct. 31; Wed., Nov. 2; Thu., Nov. 3; Fri., Nov. 4; Sat., Nov. 5; Sun., Nov. 6, 2011

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