Here to Stay

The Rebirth Brass Band continues to evolve by "growing the music."

"People who buy and listen to jazz are usually pretty discerning musically," Frazier explains. "So we like that we're in the jazz charts. Jazz seems like a restrictive term, but it really has a lot of depth and room for all kinds of styles. We like being in the jazz charts for acknowledgment. It helps in reverse."

Frazier also finds hope for the future in young players like Glen David Andrews and Trombone Shorty, who have achieved national fame in the past few years.

"Glen David takes his role very seriously," says Frazier, mentioning Andrews's nonprofit organization Trumpets Not Guns, which exchanges a musical instrument for any gun turned in to the group. "It's not just about the music, it's about our communities, our culture, our future. And it's about influencing young people to take an interest in something they can be proud of."

Most of Rebirth came out of the marching band at Clark High School in Treme.
Most of Rebirth came out of the marching band at Clark High School in Treme.

As for Shorty, Frazier says his relative youth is inspiring. "It's just a great thing when a bunch of these kids see someone like Shorty and he's up for a Grammy. It says, 'He made it,' and that's something that affects some of them in a good way, something that causes positive changes. And if we don't keep bringing new blood into the music, it's finished."

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Ted Stickles
Ted Stickles

Can't wait for tomorrow night! You can find me in the bathroom, barfing to the beat of "Do Whatcha Wanna"


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