Hard Times at the Chron

Unbleached towels in the bathroom.

Yep, I'll bet that's pretty much exactly the way that Montgomery County constable put it. "Ma'am, I'm gonna have to request that you immediately terminate that-there pleasant activity."

The Danes saluted the "energetic Tina Marie" and said that she "was no more 'tired' than she could show a little magic. 'Windham jeans were open [and] Arie was about to serve his genitals,' as it says in the police report."

Wow, never knew there was cannibalism involved...

"She was slumped on the lap of his neighbor, but not for fatigue. Windham had his pants undone, she was beside him on his genitals with his face to the wind," waxed the poetic Italians at Blitz Quotidiano.

The Dutch reaction, bluntly headlined "Woman Sucks in Police Car": "On the way to the prison knew the 44-year-old Tina Marie Arie pants of the 30-year-old Howard Keith Windham pry him a good dose of oral pampering it."

Hawt talk.

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Suffice to say, the Chronicle isn't even a real newspaper. In order to be defined as such don't you have to report on the NEWS! The Houston Chronicle is a laughing stock.

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