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E.S.G., never fully praised by history, is watching his legacy grow.

Today, Bryson, rap name Killa B, is a strong young lad; played football (Mama made him stop when a child the family knew was paralyzed during a game), plays basketball (he scored 14 points in a recent game, which in an Under 12 league is basically like scoring 65) and is an eager student.

When he was born, though, delivered three full months too early, his future seemed bleak.

He was barely more than a pound at birth, with eyes that weren't fully developed, a brain that was hemorrhaging, a problem with one of his heart's arteries and a hole in his intestines.

E.S.G. (center) may have sold more than 1,000,000 albums, independently, over his 17-year career.
E.S.G. (center) may have sold more than 1,000,000 albums, independently, over his 17-year career.

"You know how doctors are," says E.S.G. "They tell you the worst. They try to scare you. They said he might be blind or cripple. My wife was scared. I wasn't. I knew he'd be fine."

There is reverence in E.'s voice when he talks about B.

In February, B will release his first tape, a ten-track effort aptly titled Miracle Baby. There are songs about school, and there are songs about girls ("That bitch is so super-duper jamming," says E.) and there are songs about clothes.

Shortly thereafter, E.'s next mixtape, Space Cadets, featuring Bun B, Slim Thug, Snoop and more, releases.

"I don't push anything on him," says E.S.G. "He loves sports and school and music. He does them all. We just watch, help where we can.

"I might have a beat in mind that I think he should rap on, but I'll show him four or five. Nine times out of ten, he picks the most jamming one. It's in his blood. He was born for it."

The next night, after a couple hours of radio silence, five pictures pop up on E.S.G.'s Twitter page.

They are of B working on a wooden car that's a project for a school, markers and posterboard and wooden blocks laid out on a table.

In one of them, he is grinning broadly.

E.S.G. has never fully received the accolades he deserves. And he never may. But his son might.

And that's good enough.

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Candy Boyz
Candy Boyz

Good to see ESG back on the scene, he must have influenced northside regional kingpin Big Love (Representin Real *classic*) the new song they collabed on pits to titans from both sides of the city! Check it out SCARFACE - Big Love feat. ESG from the upcoming album Big Love & PC Gz - M.usic O.ver B.ricks

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