Z-Ro, Trae the Truth

Trae the Truth appears with Z-Ro and makes history.
Trae the Truth appears with Z-Ro and makes history.

Somehow, despite being two of Houston's most beloved rap persons, and despite having been in a group that created one of the city's great albums (It Is What It Is, 2008), and despite having existed within reasonable driving distance of one another for the majority of their lives, and despite maybe 47 other reasons that you could list if you really wanted to, Trae and Z-Ro, the original members of the Assholes By Nature superduo, have never performed onstage together. Never. Not once. Not one single time. Which is why this show is so absolutely interesting. This Thursday, the clouds will part and the firmament will rumble. The twosome, long pushed apart from each other by a dispute that has never been addressed publicly, will do their very best to destroy the innards of Warehouse Live. There will be "H"s thrown in the air. There will be swangin' (likely to the left). And there will be history being made. The Assholes are finally partying together. God save us all.

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Cecilia M. Smith
Cecilia M. Smith

@Beautiful They'll be at Warehouse Live tomorrow. Can't wait


Lies lies!!! I dunno what qualify as performing on a stage together to you but they have!!!! Clubs, appearances at each others shows ect. I dun seen tha footage so wat u gotta say bout that partna,, they mighta never done a full blown show together, concert ect but never been on stage together blahaha rite.


Where will they be performing at??


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