2011-12 Houston Press Texans Game Card

If predicting season results is a bottom-line business, then I was pinpoint accurate on my call of a 10-6 record for the Texans in 2011. If we have to peel back the onion layers and see the game-to-game details of how I thought the Texans would get to 10-6, though, it's considerably less pretty.

Then again, when I wrote my season preview back in early September, who would have foreseen season-ending injuries to Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart and Mario Williams, along with injuries eating up significant chunks of the seasons of Arian Foster, Mario Williams, James Casey and Danieal Manning?

Ironically, the end result of this accurately forecasted 10-6 season is that we have a team heading into the playoffs that could be done by dinnertime Saturday after the Bengals game or could play for a shot at the Super Bowl in a couple weeks. Sixteen games of watching the Texans under our belts, and we have absolutely no idea! That's how weird this season has been, and how flawed the other AFC contenders are.

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Monica Fuentes
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My guess? Home field carries them past the Bengals this weekend (23-16, if you need a score) and then the Ravens give T.J. Yates a road playoff lesson the following weekend. And we'll all be left to wonder what might've been with a healthy Matt Schaub.

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Applause to Mr. Pendergast for analyzing his predictions and seeing how things actually played out. It was interesting following his predictions during the season, and I'm glad to have his perspective. I wish more commentators would have the guts to show where they were right and wrong.

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