All Shook Up

The Alabama Shakes ride their momentum right into Houston.

Thoughtful and humble, Fogg shrugs off such comments without rancor.

"Brittany is just a great talent and entertainer, and people love her. She's the big draw. I think the live show is pretty dynamic and emotional. People everywhere seem to respond favorably. Hopefully they'll also get our album when it comes out."

Foggs says the EP was a hurried, cheap thing "because people kept asking us if we had a CD and some of them would actually seem angry when we didn't." But with backing from ATO, the band was able to search out a studio and engineer that seemed to fit the type of recording they envisioned.

A jewelry ad gave millions a taste of the Shakes.
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A jewelry ad gave millions a taste of the Shakes.

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Continental Club

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The Alabama Shakes

7 p.m. Friday, January 20, at the Continental Club, 3700 Main, 713-529-9899 or

"We worked with a few engineers who seemed to be too tight on the knobs," he laughs. "One guy actually told us what we were doing was either accidentally genius or completely amateur."

So the band headed to Nashville to work with Croatian engineer Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter. "I actually saw an ad online when I was looking at The 5 Spot's Web site, and when I checked the studio out and saw the projects Andrija had done, we decided to get in contact. And it was just what we were looking for — lots of old gear, analog, two-track, perfect for us."

Bright lights and big cities loom large in the Shakes' immediate future — "it's a huge blessing to finally have a full calendar after struggling to get even local bar gigs" — but Fogg has no plans to move from tiny Athens.

"It's not a one-stoplight town, but it's a little town where everyone who plays music knows each other, and we're comfortable here. We can just be who we are," he observes. "We want to have success doing what we like to do, but we're all down to earth, small-town kind of people, and I think everyone has stayed pretty grounded so far.

"Tuscaloosa was the first place to really adopt us and love us, so a move there might seem to make sense," says Foggs. "But this is my home. I've got no plans to leave."

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Janis Joplin-esque is most likely what was intended. Never heard of Janice Joplin.

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