Polyphonic Spree

If you have been missing Dallas's Polyphonic Spree, then 2012 could be your year. With new music in the offing — including a Christmas record due in the fall — the 21-member-strong Spree is gearing up to bring smiles to audiences again. Leaders Tim DeLaughter and Julie Doyle formed the band nearly 12 years ago, ushering in a generation of large, majestic groups (including Arcade Fire) filling stages to capacity. "The band was really inspired by the music I listened to as a small child in the '70s, mixed with experimentation of my previous group Tripping Daisy," says DeLaughter. "You can hear it in the later Daisy records, the hint of Polyphonic Spree coming down the road." As for the Spree's new non-Yule tunes, DeLaughter says it's going to get interesting, what with staying busy with side projects like Preteen Zenith. "My musical palette is in a bit of a frenzy right now," he claims. "I'm playing with all sorts of genres these days. It's an homage, so to speak, to the years of listening and loving all the different types of music that inspired me at those times of my life. But all in all, The Polyphonic Spree's sound is what it is. It's our sound, and you'll know it's us when you hear it."

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Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett

Tim DeLaughter, and the masterpieces he creates, have been criminally overlooked over the course of the last 20 years.


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