Our House Playwright Theresa Rebeck knows the TV industry inside-out, having written for such mega-hit series as L.A. Law, NYPD Blue and the current Smash. Her plays include Mauritius, Blind Dates and Seminar, currently playing on Broadway. She knows what she's talking about, and her searing, cautionary tale has the sad ring of truth. The entire TV industry gets shafted. In Rebeck's double-vision dissection, we see the top tier where programs are created and the news made, and then watch the effects of their decisions on the boobs — roommates who share a house in St. Louis — who watch the programs. The whole satire, which draws blood, is comically tragic. At the top is the network's sleazy head honcho Wes (Chris Patton); his harried toadying news department chief Stu (Xzavien Hollins); and superstar/superego reporter and news anchor Jennifer (Kelley Peters), who sleeps her way onto the A-list. At the house live high-strung slacker Merv (Mike Yager), who's hooked like a junkie on reality TV shows; granola-munching Alice (Danica Dawn Johnston), who rails against Merv and his TV-induced coma/do-nothing attitude; young doctor-in-training Grigsby (Claire Anderson), who only wants a fair shake in life; and level-headed Vince (Jordan Jaffe), who doesn't want to make waves and sides with Merv when Alice overreacts and tries to kick Merv out of the house. Among a perfect cast, Yager is a standout. Wearing a Beavis and Butt-head T-shirt (thank you, costumer Macy Perrone), he's both psychotic and all too real as he dreams of meeting his love/hate idol Jennifer. Passive-aggressive gets a whole new meaning in Yager's bone-chilling depiction. He's the roommate from hell, and we've all had one. Under David Rainey's whiz-bang and perceptive direction, there's no static anywhere. The play moves to its inevitable conclusion, keeping us riveted throughout. You won't have time to reach for the clicker. This is must-see TV. Through March 31. Frenetic Theater, 5012 Navigation Blvd. 713-515-4028. — DLG

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