8th Annual Wine & Food Week

The folks over at the 8th Annual Wine & Food Week are a sneaky lot — they rope us in by touting the fact that there will be more than 500 wines available during this year’s celebration, knowing very well that it’s a physical impossibility for anyone to sniff/swish/swallow that many alcoholic beverages in just one week. “They are there to discover, not to drink,” event producer Constance McDerby gently reminds us. (Well, dang.)

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Open location
Houston, TX 77001

Category: Community Venues

Region: Downtown/ Midtown

“It is harder to get through the food than the wine,” she says. “The chefs are going full out to win the cash prize.” The chefs in question are some of America’s top names, including Darren McGrady. During the Wine Rendezvous Grand Tasting & Chef Showcase, the week’s biggest event, they’ll compete for the Chef of Chefs Award, which comes with a $5,000 cash prize. Times and locations vary. June 4 to 10. For a full schedule, visit www.wineandfoodweek.com or call 713-557-5732.
Fri., June 8; Sat., June 9; Sun., June 10, 2012

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