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Arena Theatre

7326 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77036

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For more than half a century, Bill Cosby has remained a powerful and relevant force in both comedy and social activism. The clean, fatherly figure has had generations of fans. He's well-known as Cliff Huxtable, the head of The Cosby Show, as the creator of children's shows, and for his humanitarian work, but he's still a stand-up comedian at heart and even at 75 years old, he still has all of his skill. Though his performances no longer span three hours and may be paced a little slower than you remember from watching Bill Cosby: Himself over and over again, the same familiar style and goofy expressions bring to life the tiny failures and victories that make up domestic American existence. ''I have one drawer left,'' he remarks, talking self-deprecatingly about his wife's dominance of the home. ''I don’t know where it is.'' Cosby is a living legend, the last of his kind, and it would be a shame to miss his show when the opportunity arises.
Sun., Nov. 18, 8 p.m., 2012
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yeah - right...hows that working out for ya now?  Never did care for this guy - always something creepy about him.  I found him to be UNFUNNY as hell.

No talent what so ever.

Goodbye bill - may your estate be depleted by all those you abused!

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