Burger Guys Bad-Ass Brunch Is Back

5 things to know before you go

4. A Turnip Is Actually Good: First of all, what the hell is a turnip? Second of all, why is it this damn good? A Chinese turnip, a.k.a. daikon radish, is a root vegetable that looks like a fat, white carrot. It's so yummy because the dim sum turnip cakes are mashed up, mixed with shrimp and pork sausage, steamed and then pan-fried, creating a nice, crispy layer all around. And its best friend is soy sauce. Throw in a little Chinese broccoli and you might get a little nutrition in your diet. But veggies beware, dim sum turns up its nose at non-carnivores — beef, pork and prawn reign. You might get chicken, but duck is preferred.

3. Tiny Plates, Big Bill: So, you think the plates are oh-so-small. You feel like you're eating ten little appetizers and can't even imagine how it makes a meal. You order like the Sultan of Bahrain. Well. Wait till your periodic table of a bill arrives and suddenly your total is more than $150. Now you know: $4 plates add up to a whole lot of money. Slow your roll, big spender, and pace yourself.

2. Shortcut to the Menu: If you were not paying attention, here's your menu: pork siu mai, pork spareribs, fried calamari, barbecued pork buns, Chinese turnip cakes, broccoli and rice noodle rolls. If you're wild and out, then do it: steamed chicken feet, sesame balls, bean curd and a little taro pudding. It's your party; you can fry if you want to.

The Burger Guys’ Kimchi omlet.
Katharine Shilcutt
The Burger Guys’ Kimchi omlet.
Strawberry shortcake gets a new look.
Mai Pham
Strawberry shortcake gets a new look.

1. It's Your First Time, Do It Somewhere Special: You've waited for this. You were worried you couldn't perform and it wouldn't deliver. But, alas, you enter the Golden Palace, with its big red doors, satin seat covers, round tables and spinning susans. Thirty years wise and newly renovated, The Golden Palace Restaurant (8520 Bellaire Blvd.) warmly welcomes you, takes your hand and thrusts you energetically into the exciting world of Houston's dim sum. Whatever you fancy, and whether or not you toss these tips in the garbage, it will be the best brunch of your life.

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