Local Foods True to Its Name

Deli delivers with tasty sandwiches, soups, salads, sides and Texas-made beer and wine.

Another dinner there saw my boyfriend and me blissing out over an enormous arugula salad topped with huge handfuls of shrimp, honey-glazed pecans and cranberries under a lemon-thyme vinaigrette, a bowl of rich posole brimming with chicken, green chiles and hominy and that aforementioned roast beef sandwich — itself big enough that he remarked in awe, "I didn't think a sandwich for dinner was going to be enough, but..." before trailing off and admitting defeat.

But if you do go at lunch, prepare for not only the hassle of a long line of well-dressed folks who typically look like they just wandered off the set of a Vampire Weekend music video (the more to make you suddenly regretful of your all-Target wardrobe) and limited seating, but the second-worst parking lot in Houston (right behind the pothole-ridden nightmare that swallows cars whole outside Hobbit Cafe).

If I could write an open letter to the landlords who manage the parking lot that serves not only Local Foods but also benjy's and Kelvin Arms, it would consist almost entirely of expletives and the repeated question: "Why did you paint the stripes so close together that only Vespas and subcompact cars can fit in your parking spaces?" I can't address enough how much this parking lot sucks. Ride a bicycle if you must. Or find a friend who drives a Fiat, because that and Smart Cars are about the only things you can reliably park there.

The roast beef sandwich isn't just a quick lunch — it's an experience.
Troy Fields
The roast beef sandwich isn't just a quick lunch — it's an experience.

Location Info


Local Foods

2424 Dunstan Road
Houston, TX 77005

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Kirby-West U


Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Sundays.
Truffled egg salad sandwich: $9.50
Smoked salmon sandwich: $11
Roast beef sandwich: $12
Shrimp and arugula salad: $12
Posole: $3.50
Ratatouille: $4
Cabbage slaw: $4

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BLOG POST: Local Foods Stays True to Its Name

On the other hand, the fact that I will brave that awful parking lot is a testament to Local Foods and its bounty of delicious offerings. Nearly anything is worth going through to get at that Gulf shrimp and blue crab sandwich with green goddess dressing, or that house-smoked salmon with onion jam and garden-fresh greens on a chewy poppyseed bagel.

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Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

Naturally. And although I'm generally opposed to it in most applications, I found myself oddly drawn to the stuff in an egg salad. YMMV, of course. :)


Well, we know from the get go that the truffles aren't local, and I have to assume it is truffle oil which has nothing to do with truffles, and is made by perfume companies? Truffle oil is worse than any HFCS I've had.

Fat Loss
Fat Loss

I got a new good restaurant through this. I wan now aware of this restaurant before. Now I will definitely try to visit this restaurant at least once. I hope for a good experience that will attract me again and again. Great sharing... Thanks for sharing this...


Good stuff at Local... but it's still pretty expensive for what you get. And with regard to the parking lot - with all the talk about parking and valet in this town, you of all people should know about the requirements the city puts on restaurants and bars... they obviously have to squeeze as many parking spaces into that small lot as humanly possible in order to comply with the code - there are three restaurant/bars that all share that lot and all need a certain number of spaces per capacity.


While talking about that parking lot, don't forget to mention the observer who makes sure you park only if visiting one of the establishments on the other side of the lot. No 24 Hour Fitness parking for you ! And I do miss Antone's, but not enough to drive to Bellaire for a poor boy.

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

I want to try and respectfully refute the idea that Local Foods is "expensive for what you get," because it's an argument I've heard batted about a lot and I disagree. For example: I can order a sweet onion chicken teriyaki foot-long with chips and a drink for $9.25 (before tax) at Subway. And I certainly have been known to do so. At Local Foods, I can get a crunchy chicken sandwich with provolone that - while not 12 inches long (which is more than anyone really needs in one sitting anyway) - is more than sufficient for a meal along with two veggie-based sides for only $1 more. That's one more side than a bag of chips, and much healthier for you (yes, even if you're getting a bag of Baked Lays). Is that extra dollar too much for really fresh, high-quality ingredients on a slightly smaller sandwich? I've seen and eaten the chicken teriyaki that Subway warms up in a little paper boat and then dumps unceremoniously onto your sandwich. I've seen and eaten the lackluster produce that's haphazardly thrown on top. And the bread that Subway uses is absolutely swimming with HFCS and other nasty ingredients such as azodiacarbonamide, diacetyle tartaric acid and ammonium sulfate. I'd rather have Slow Dough bread any day of the week. In conclusion, I have a giant soft spot in my heart for sandwich shops like Subway but I'd still rather pay $1 extra to have genuinely good food that's good for me too.

del.martinis topcommenter

Well said even though a Banh Mi runs around $3 if you really want value.


My wife and I eat at Local Foods pretty often - once a week on average. We often split a sandwich with two sides, two teas, one dessert - and it comes in around $20 ($10/each) including tip. It is actually a great value. And yes - the truffle oil in the egg salad is fantastic!