Oscar Munoz Is Only Human

Sicardi Gallery presents a strong selection of works.

The coal dust is a highly evocative medium. Carbon is a part of all of us, evoking "ashes to ashes and dust to dust," the fleeting nature of life and memory. Muñoz takes the unknown people and dissolves their images, disappearing them all into a dark soup. It references death and decay, but it also alludes to disappearances committed by governments or criminals, often one and the same. Then there is, again, the disappearance of memory. People die and are forgotten. Family photos are lost or thrown out, the images' connection to memories severed. The individual humanity of the subjects is dissolved.

Editor Solitario is the exhibition standout.
Editor Solitario is the exhibition standout.

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Sicardi Gallery

1506 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77006

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Montrose


"Oscar Muñoz"

Through August 25. Sicardi Gallery, 1506 W. Alabama., 713-529-1313.

Muñoz has the ability to invoke so much with so little. The hands of the unseen actors in his videos could be those of a dutiful, cold-blooded bureaucrat or some omniscient and benevolent being — or maybe a bit of both. The interpretations are myriad. Muñoz gives us work that is neither maudlin nor polemicist, but simply intensely and richly human.

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