Tandoori Nite

This food truck, located next to a gas station, serves Indian cuisine under the stars.

The signature tandoori chicken comes in two sizes: full and half, the latter of which is enough to split between two people. The hue of the chicken's baked flesh mirrors its preparation, the ferocious color of flames and fiery cayenne pepper, although it's less spicy than these tones would imply. The chicken carries more of a paprika sweetness to it than anything else, and this is a common element in much of Tandoori Nite's cooking: Although you may expect it to be spicy, it's mostly not. Even the bullet naan's jalapeños are mild, offering more texture to the bread than anything else.

This could be either a turn-on or a turn-off for diners, depending upon your personal tolerance for spicy food. If you generally find Indian or Pakistani cuisine to be too hot, Tandoori Nite caters to your taste. If you're a spice-hound, you'll find yourself needing to eat the fresh jalapeño strips and neon-green chutney served with the tandoori chicken to satisfy that craving.

And then there are simply some dishes that don't come together at all. The fish masala is too sweet, the tomatoes not tempered nearly enough by the heat and depth that should come off the masala's chiles, ginger and curry. Mattar paneer has more of the silky paneer cheese found in the spinach dish, but none of the earthy, musky sweetness of cumin or garam masala.

A half order of tandoori chicken is big enough to split between two people.
Troy Fields
A half order of tandoori chicken is big enough to split between two people.

Location Info


Tandoori Nite

7821 Highway 6 S
Houston, TX 77083

Category: Restaurant > Indian

Region: Outer Loop - SW


Tandoori Nite
7821 Hwy. 6 S., 713-852-7642. Hours: 5 p.m. to midnight, Wednesdays through Mondays.
Plain naan $1
Sweet lassi $2.99
Half order tandoori chicken $7.99
Saag paneer $6.99
Aloo mattar $6.99
Chicken curry $7.99
Goat korma $8.99

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These complaints are few and far between, however. By and large, Tandoori Nite is a solid dinner destination and one that's worth the journey west from downtown, not only for the dishes that are praiseworthy — and especially the all-vegetarian dishes that occupy most of the left side of the menu — but for the ambience of the place. Yes, you can certainly take your food to go, packaged in sturdy plastic containers that keep it hot for up to 30 minutes (and it seems as if roughly half of Tandoori Nite's customers do). But the real draw here is eating an Indian feast alfresco with a group of friends in the balmy summer weather that mimics India's own climate, listening to the Punjabi music lilt through the night air and sipping a sweet lassi for dessert.

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Very interesting article. Indian food is sooooo good!


Hmmm, pratically on the way home. Thanks, Katherine. By the way, do you know any place that serves a good Lamb Pasanda? Got hooked on it at Nawab in Va and have been looking for a place to get my fix in Houston.


Now I'm hungry, thanks.. Good article though.