HPMA 2012 Showcase

One night. 11 venues. 55 minutes.

Los Skarnales (8 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Latin Artist

If you've lived in Houston long and haven't seen Los Skarnales, you probably don't much care about the HPMAs anyway. Frequent winners and perennial nominees, the band has gone through some personnel changes since last year but keeps playing revved-up shows to a faithful flash-mob-like following. Skarnales are also extremely popular in Monterrey, where they recently played a huge festival. WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH

Doughbeezy (9 p.m.)

Nominated In: Local Musician of the Year

Here's the recipe: Make dope music, do dope things, outwork everybody. That's all Doughbeezy has done for the last 18 months: Released mixtapes, his own official snapback hat, performed at 4,000 shows. Everywhere. The cliché says someone ran out of fucks to give. Doughbeezy is the antithesis — he stole all the fucks ­SHEA SERRANO

801 St. Emanuel

La Sien (5 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Bassist, Best Latin Artist

These fiery, sexy Latin rockers haven't been around all that long but make waves with smart songs, romantic harmonies and torrid performances. The impassioned quartet have absorbed the edgiest, most dramatic elements of U2, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. ­WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH

Another Run (6 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Modern Rock

For more than a decade now, Houston perennial Another Run has made the kind of music that's distinctive because it's difficult to pinpoint. It's electric, poppy and usually upbeat, and pairs nicely with their unconventional vocals and a few ear-perking harmonies. Latest LP I'll Be There came along in 2010. MATTHEW KEEVER

The Trimms (7 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Drummer, Best Rock

The Trimms owe their spot on the ballot to one man, a man's man, drummer Gabe Bravo. The perfectly pompadoured percussionist is a rhythmic hellbeast with more swagger than a limping pirate. It's no wonder your average Trimms evening includes party rock and half-naked women. JEF WITH ONE F

Downfall 2012 (8 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Metal

Downfall 2012 chose its name nearly 15 years ago, and this year has indeed turned out to be an important one for the Humble-based metalheads. The band has become a staple of sorts within the local metal scene, spending much of this year working on another album and occasionally appearing on 94.5 FM's Texas Buzz on Sundays. MATTHEW KEEVER

The Suffers (9 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best New Act, Best Female Vocals, Best Reggae/Ska/Dub

Fronted by Kam Franklin's heavenly howl, the Suffers bring forth a sexy brew of seductive vocals, horns and an almost ghostly sway that keeps first-wave ska and rocksteady alive. Built on a pedigree of Los Skarnales, Heptic Skeptic and Ryan Scroggins's Trenchtown Texans, among others, the ten-piece drops that holy skanking beat into more than able hands. CRAIG HLAVATY

1302 Dallas

Vince King (5 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Cover/Tribute Act

Why travel to Graceland when you can look up Vince King most any week of the year and experience the real, live (but faux) Elvis experience? King's tribute act covers every facet of the boy from Tupelo's career, from Memphis to Vegas, and the screams and swoons follow. CRAIG HLAVATY

Mike Stinson (6 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Country

Mike Stinson moved here as the pen inside Dwight Yoakam's "The Late Great Golden State" and soon enough gave Houston its best honky-tonk album of the young decade, The Jukebox in Your Heart. A wounded warrior-poet like Bruce Springsteen ("Atlantic City" is a set highlight), Stinson has recorded an as-yet-unreleased follow-up that steps on the gas and lets the heartaches fly. CHRIS GRAY

Nick Greer (7 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Pop Artist

Greer describes his music as piano-rock blues and passionate funk, which is pretty accurate, but he's also making his name in the music industry with the acclaimed Wire Studios. As a songwriter and producer, Greer is already well on his way to ushering good acts like fellow HPMA nominees the Niceguys into pure greatness. JEF WITH ONE F

Potbelly (8 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Reggae/Ska/Dub

These Cy-Fair alt-rockers pepper their tunes with just enough dub and reggae bounce to squeak into a category they've already won once. The four-piece's recent eponymous CD shows some newfound maturity and musical sophistication in a batch of tunes dealing with divorce, emotional damage, frustration and anger. WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH

Nathan Quick (9 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Song, Best Songwriter, Best Male Vocals, Best Americana

Nathan Quick's folksy, spiritual, HPMA-nominated tune "Running" combines the timelessness of Neil Young with the bite of Jace Everett. We vote him Most Likely to End Up on the True Blood Soundtrack Next Season. There's too much blood in his lyrics for it not to happen. JEF WITH ONE F

1204 Caroline

Miss Leslie (5 p.m.)

Nominated In: Best Country

Houston's reigning queen of honky-tonk is reason alone to venture out into the city's bars just to make her delightful acquaintance. That's assuming she's not out on tour as far away as Sweden and France, with a voice that's all guts but sweet as homemade divinity. Her regular blogging reveals a rather remarkable woman and musician. JEF WITH ONE F

Tianna Hall (6 p.m.)

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Nine Minutes won't be playing the HPA showcase (we still hope to win in the category of Best Punk/Hardcore/Garage category--you can vote for us here: but you can see us play the day before, August 4th as part of the Houston SunBurn! We play the main Engine Room stage at 9:30 p.m. Maybe other hardcore bands will have you banging your heads at 70 mph; Nine Minutes tops out the speedometer!


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