HPD vs. Food Trucks

His handle is Propostris, which seems based on Ludacris, one of his heroes and a guy he apparently once opened for at some lame-looking show back in the MySpace days.

By the looks of it, he was pretty good at those parodies, as he had more than 10,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, who collectively watched his silly little films over a million times. It's the kind of stuff my son is heavily into, but he is only 16, as I'm sure many of Propostris's fans are.

Which makes the following even more alarming...

If what Harris County Sheriff's investigators (and more cops in other jurisdictions) are saying is true, this Tulsa native and one-time Katy resident would be a truly and utterly loathsome and vile child molester.

According to a complaint on file at the Harris County Courthouse, when not making his videos or gaming, Veytovich has been molesting a young female relative for years and years. Prosecutors here have charged him with continuous aggravated sexual assault of a child.

According to the complaint, there were 30 to 40 episodes of oral sex committed between 2008 and 2009. Another relative has partially corroborated the victim's story. That relation said that Veytovich would isolate the victim from others and that the victim would frequently head straight to the shower after being alone with him.

Veytovich is currently listed with a Carrollton, Texas, address, and is already behind bars in Denton County. There he faces another single first-degree felony count of continuous sexual abuse of a child and five counts of sexual assault of a child. Those alleged offenses would have occurred after the ones in Harris County.

Bail in Denton County has been set at $600,000, and should he find a way to finagle his way out of that jam, he will be shipped down here and held until he can come up with another $60,000 bail.

That's a lot of YouTube ads.

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