Super Unleaded

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In November, Eldridge finally had his day in court and was acquitted on grounds of self-defense. You'd think that would be the end of it, but by this time Eldridge was out for blood. Weeks after Calhoun was no-billed, he had the misfortune to board a train Eldridge was already riding, and Eldridge wasted no time in reprising the original murder by filling Dunovant's kinsman with lead before he could draw his pistol. Calhoun's body was taken to Glenwood and interred next to Dunovant's ferocious-yet-hapless Avenging Angel, who had now officially struck out.

As for Eldridge, after again pleading self-defense and again winning an acquittal, he eventually wound up in Sugar Land, where he allied himself with Galveston's wealthy Kempner family. With their backing, he helped buy a 20,000-acre sugar plantation and refinery, which was later reorganized and modernized under the new owners as mighty Imperial Sugar, with Eldridge serving as manager. He also bought and sold seven railroads in his remaining years, which sound as if they must have been quite comfortable, despite the two holes in his body from Calhoun's 30-30 shell.

With a population of 200, Sugar Land had been on the point of withering away when Eldridge arrived; by the time he died, in 1932, it had 2,500 residents. That's one reason Eldridge Road and Eldridge Parkway both bear his name today.

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