Pass the Vegenaise

Houston's top 10 vegan restaurants.

2. Los Corrales

This unusual spot is a dried beef factory first and foremost, with a tiny wisp of a restaurant attached. Despite what you'd think, though, both the food and the service are outstanding. Los Corrales is most popular at breakfast, when people crowd in to get machacado con huevo — made with its signature product — or breakfast tacos made with its own fresh tortillas. (By the way, along with bags of dried beef, you can also order those freshly made tortillas to take home, too.) At lunch, you can find old Tex-Mex classics like entomatadas and aporreado that have long since disappeared from more mainstream and modern Tex-Mex spots.

1. Ninfa's on Navigation

The quirky Navigation original still can remind you what all the fuss was about — especially now that its menu has been tightened up and revamped in areas by chef Alex Padilla. Peerless beef fajitas, complex green and red salsas and hand-patted flour tortillas define their genres as they have done for years, while the quesos, carnitas and grilled platters seem largely undiminished. Meanwhile, Padilla's new dishes are as much of a draw: lobster nachos topped with saffron spinach or chiles en nogada stuffed with shredded pork, apples, raisins and almonds and topped with a walnut sauce. And although the new patio is big and welcoming, the old back room — with its snaky a/c ducts and paucity of right angles — remains a nonstop party. Katharine Shilcutt

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