The White Christmas Album: A Beatles Holiday Hmmm, the Beatles and Christmas together? Sounds a little loony. Rest easy, everything's fine. This musical potpourri is stirred, not shaken, and served on a silver platter by Music Box Theater. The holiday season is in terrific hands — all ten of them (Rebekah Dahl, Brad Scarborough, Cay Taylor, Kristina Sullivan and Luke Wrobel), 12 if you count the special guest appearance by John Gremillion, and 20 when you add the jazzy quartet led by Glenn Sharp. So many fine hands, one great show. Five-part harmony never sounded so beautiful. Each Broadway Babe gets to shine solo; sometimes they sing together a cappella, giving the band a rest; sometimes they act in a screwy comedy routine. The concept works surprisingly well, deftly so. Think about it: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" segues into "With a Little Help From My Friends." "All You Need Is Love" smoothly blends with "Ring Christmas Bells." The idea is some sort of brilliant. Scarborough's supremely smooth account of the classic "Christmas Song" has to be the finest rendition I've ever heard. Taylor's rendition of "I Will" is simple joy made into music. Sullivan's hymn-like "There's Still My Joy" haunts with its exquisite phrasing. Dahl rocks triumphantly through, over and around "Let It Be." Wrobel's burnished baritone wraps "Sleigh Ride" in glowing warmth. And when all five harmonize in an ethereal version of "Because," the song floats like mist. When these Fab 5 sing those Fab 4, it's a gift of Christmas cheer. Through December 29. 2623 Colquitt, 713-522-7722. — DLG

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