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Our Hlavaty's Top 10 local albums of 2012.

If you're a local band spending $8,000 on recording an album, then I promise you need to rehearse more and have your act together like a well-oiled machine before you go in. That's where a lot of the money in recording seems to go, fiddling around when the clock is ticking.

The thing that really melts the candy in my pants, though, is that asking for money to record seems like begging at best and a scam at worst. It honestly feels like you aren't invested enough in your own work to cover the most basic act of creation.

Not that I'm against musical Kickstarters entirely. If Poe or Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch started one tomorrow so we'd finally have a new album after years of silence, I'd sign up. If a local band had already recorded an album but wanted to raise some dough for a good music video, a spectacular release party or some inventive packaging, I'd probably be down.

Lotus Effect
Lotus Effect

But to me, recording an album is the very foundation of being a musician, which makes it the artist's responsibility. Kickstarter is for funding things that otherwise can't happen, and your average Christian prog-metal band can lay down ten tracks without my help.

On the other hand, I don't speak for all the musicians in the world. Here's what a few locals think:

La Catrin: I personally have not done it, but if after exhausting all other avenues and it is my last resort, then maybe I would. Mexican pride.

Tianna Hall: I don't like the idea of doing it myself. The thought of it makes me feel icky. But if that's the only way some people can get a recording project done, more power to them.

Robert McCarthy, From Beyond: I have a job and make sacrifices to put out music. I have never put my hand out unless I was offering something in return.

Lotus Effect: If four to six members of a band can't pool together enough resources to record an album, what the hell are they asking other people for?

The day after it posted, this article drew 17 reader comments (and counting), including these:

Eudemonist: Not sure I'm quite with you on this one, Jef. I totally agree that, for eight large, a frugal local band should be able to get four albums done. I don't, however, think the simple act of asking for support is "wrong" or, to me, insulting... A Kickstarter [campaign] is simply an offer of a deal — promise to buy my album, and I'll make one.

Justin Allen Norwood: Kickstarter is kinda DIY — not everyone is able to fund an album themselves...or wait, are we just to have music from upper middle class yuppies?

Jacob Majors: Kickstarter is pathetic. DIY or die, losers.

Sheila Willard: Fuck Kickstarter. [I] have funded four things, [and] only have ever received my prize for one, Rocky Votolato.

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