Do the Curry Crawl

The top 10 restaurants in Little India.

3. Boheme

If the sultry vibe, provocative art on the walls and endless supply of red wine at Boheme don't get you going, then maybe the leather couch in the private men's room will. Of all the washrooms on this list, this is the only one we found with furniture. All three of the restrooms (including the unmarked unisex room in the middle) are private, so feel free to explore. Bonus points if you figure out how to use the high-tech Japanese toilets.

2. Anvil

Chicken wings and chaat are both popular at Bismillah.
Katharine Shilcutt
Chicken wings and chaat are both popular at Bismillah.
Kaiser Lashkari serves home-style Pakistani food.
Kaiser Lashkari serves home-style Pakistani food.

Every single service-industry vet polled mentioned "the middle bathroom at Anvil" quite specifically. Some even offered stories of having to eject patrons found sneaking a quickie in the single-occupancy bathroom. "Swingers, man. They used to come in all the time," offered one former bartender. "You'd look up and two of them are gone and sure the bathroom."

1. The Pass & Provisions

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting at the bar at Provisions and watching patrons discover the small unisex bathroom for the first time. "There's a condom machine in there!" a preppy brunette in a sleek Brooks Brothers dress giggles as she straightens her pearls. "Oh, no way!" her friend retorts, visibly blushing. When it flusters the girls from The Young Republicans Waco Chapter, you know it's a swank bathroom.

"I'd do it in the other bathroom, too," quipped a friend of the bathrooms in the main dining room. "Who doesn't want to get it on to Julia Child?" (Audio of the late celebrity chef's cooking show is piped into these bathrooms. That voice.) The large main bathroom looks like BRC's unisex locker room got sent to finishing school. Complete with five private stall-rooms, this is the Maserati of washrooms; it's just that sexy.

Restaurant News

Openings and Closings
Surfing Cowboys and plenty of pizza

Katharine Shilcutt

A new year means plenty of new restaurant news, and we're glad to have it. Starting with the super-awesome-spectacular news that there's now a Vietnamese restaurant/craft beer bar in Webster. Yes, Webster. Nobi Public House (241 E. NASA Road 1) is a collaboration between brothers Charles and Andy Nguyen and features 200 craft beers along with a growler fill station, a cask system and a full-on nitro system.

Charles also owns the Shell station at the corner of FM 528 and Blackhawk, known in the craft beer community as a one-stop shop for craft beer and wine. Andy, meanwhile, owns the Vietnamese sandwich shop next door, Nobi Asian Grill, where he allowed people to bring in beer and wine from his brother's shop next door. Creating a full-on pub/restaurant was a logical next step for the two.

Bruce Molzan's new restaurant, Corner Table, is up and running in the old Brownstone location. Eater Houston got a sneak preview of the place, which editor Eric Sandler writes will "offer casual counter-service atmosphere at lunch and a more fine-dining aspect at dinner." Next-door neighbor (and little sister wine bar) 1919 Wine and Mixology isn't quite open yet, but look for it soon along with the upstairs component that completes the trio: Oak Bar, a nightclub.

Not too far away, Fat Bao (3419 Kirby) opened its doors on December 30, serving bao (steamed Chinese buns) stuffed with everything from pork belly to soft-shell crab — and the place has been packed ever since. In addition to a full menu of bao, look for side items such as fried cauliflower with curry sauce and "Yummy Fries" topped with parmesan and rosemary.

Burger Nation (914 Main) has closed in the tunnels after being open for only four months. Reports B4-U-Eat on the situation: "Burger Nation...closed Monday due to 'rising costs and extremely high rent and limited hours of operation.' They are looking for space elsewhere."

In other news, Charity Bar started food service on Wednesday, January 2, according to co-owner Paul Petronella, who posted an update on Twitter. It's only a soft service so far, so be gentle.

We've saved the best news for last this week, which is the announcement that Moon Tower Inn may reopen as soon as this week. Wrote co-owner Brandon Young on Facebook last Tuesday:

"well y'all, it's a new year and our NEW BUILDING PASSED INSPECTIONS YESTERDAY!!!! we're gonna blow off steam coon ass style, while we wait for the health dept. to clear us! see y'all in a week or so when we open! WE LOVE YOU FUCKERS. STAY SAFE OUT THERE!!!"

We love you fuckers, too. Can't wait.

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del.martinis topcommenter

Katharine...Bombay's $4.50 all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet is now more like $6.75 but still more than worth it! Actually on our way there now, to turn a friend on to it!