Keep Those Resolutions

20 terrific restaurants for eating healthy while staying social.


While it's tremendously tough to pass up Paulie's housemade pastas, stick with its dishes like grilled vegetables, roasted salmon, gazpacho and its wide array of salads (just go easy on the meat and cheese found in most of them). The summer salad with arugula, pickled tomatoes and cucumber tossed in olive oil and lemon with a side of ripe melon is a personal favorite.


Quinoa and black bean burger at Adair Kitchen.
Katharine Shilcutt
Quinoa and black bean burger at Adair Kitchen.
Tuna-on-tuna at Michiru Sushi, one of the chef's own creations.
Katharine Shilcutt
Tuna-on-tuna at Michiru Sushi, one of the chef's own creations.

Indulge in crispy goat-filled fried samosas and butter chicken, or keep it healthy with an all-veg Yogi Thali and grilled fish marinated in a fragrant blend of turmeric, amchur and ajwain with a side of sautéed greens and raita.

RDG + Bar Annie

It's said you can never be too rich or too thin. I happen to disagree, but it makes sense that the concentration of wealth found at RDG + Bar Annie would demand delicious, low-calorie, low-carb or low-fat dishes alongside the New York strip steaks and Cobb salads. RDG delivers with roasted rainbow trout, grilled salmon, grilled redfish, a roasted Gulf crab and seared avocado salad, ahi tuna with roasted beets and much, much more.


Go nuts with lamb heart tartare and cured foie gras, or keep it simple with lean-and-mean dishes like a quinoa- and spinach-stuffed poblano pepper with red beet mash and baked Patagonia salmon.

Roots Bistro / Roots Juice

Your friends can tear into a skillet of coppa mac 'n' cheese or salami flatbread from the wood-fired oven while you can enjoy smoked fish with vegetables, raw beet ravioli, half a smoked chicken or a creamy kale-and-avocado salad.

Ruggles Green

Perhaps one of the best places in town for healthy eaters to take their friends, and vice versa, Ruggles Green offers a color-coded menu showing which items are dairy-free, vegetarian and gluten-free. Try the quinoa mac 'n' cheese for a serious indulgence, or grab a lean buffalo burger.

Sammy's Wild Game Grill

As at Cafe TH, it's easy to adhere to a paleo diet (if that's your thing) at Sammy's thanks to the prevalence of paleo-approved wild game on the menu. You've had a salad topped with grilled chicken, but what about grilled kangaroo, llama, antelope or ostrich? For everyone else, the Sammy's Wild Fries (topped with a fried egg) and wild-game hot dogs are surefire wins.

Vinoteca Poscol

The finger sandwiches (tramezzini) are a fun, light way to indulge in pairings like smoked salmon and robiola, but the real draw here for healthy eaters is Poscol's terrific verdura menu of vegetables for only $6 each: roasted parsnips and carrots with a sprinkling of salty reggiano cheese, for example, or beets roasted in cartoccio. For something more substantial, there's baked cod and braised calamari in a red wine sauce.

On the Menu

Tuna on Tuna
First look at Michiru Sushi in Greenway Plaza.

Katharine Shilcutt

Michiru Sushi is the other high-profile sushi restaurant which opened recently, not to be confused with Chris Kinjo's MF Sushi on Westheimer. I haven't been to MF Sushi yet, and I'm keen to dine there. Although reviews so far have been mixed, one thing has been noted across the board: MF Sushi is quite pricey.

So it was with great relief that I found myself indulging in high-quality fare for far less money at Michiru Sushi this past Sunday night, including a dish which I've been raving about like a madwoman for a few days now: tuna dumplings.

As soon as our server — a warm, bubbly woman who knew the menu inside and out — explained the concept of the tuna dumpling, I was sold. Spicy tuna belly, shrimp, "crunch" and avocado inside a huge dumpling made of...wait for it...more tuna. It looked like the beautiful bastard offspring of a crunch roll and a soup dumpling, and I was smitten. We were given spoons to tear the dumplings apart with, and I couldn't believe how easily the paper-thin tuna parted to reveal the contents inside.

Michiru Sushi doesn't make claims as an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant. It's owned, after all, by Chinese — like nearly every other sushi place in town. But what it does do is offer a very good selection of traditional Japanese favorites like sigh-inducing fresh uni and Japanese red snapper alongside Americanized rolls and a short menu of house specialties that — like those tuna dumplings — make Michiru stand out from the crowd.

Michiru's owners also run the popular restaurant of the same name in Webster, and the Greenway Plaza spot is their second location. The menu is the same, although the atmosphere is slightly more upscale. And at the Green­way Plaza location, you'll find Oichi-san — a Chinese sushi chef who trained in Japan for a decade and in New York City for almost two.

There's a lot of art to what Oichi-san does, from the simple roses he creates out of curled pieces of barely pink snapper to the bowls made out of ice in which the seaweed and sashimi salads are served. And although techniques such as these are by no means unique to Michiru, they lend a gentle touch of luxury to an otherwise simple, inexpensive meal.

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