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The Geto Boys MC is also Rocks Off's brand-new advice columnist.

"I was of the Depeche Mode camp because I (and maybe this is just me) do not find the sound of a grown man constantly choking back tears appealing and/or sexy, whereas Dave Gahan's voice is what lubricated vaginas (and assholes — I don't judge!) are made of."

Jay-Z: "His music doesn't seem appealing to me, not even for entertainment purposes."

Lady Antebellum: "For ripping off Alan Parsons Project, among others. Everything they do is a ripoff. Nashville garbage."

Brian Davis hopes to pick up some Grave Tone soundtrack work at the upcoming Texas Frightmare convention in Dallas.
Courtesy of Brian Davis
Brian Davis hopes to pick up some Grave Tone soundtrack work at the upcoming Texas Frightmare convention in Dallas.
Loving the Spice Girls' "Viva Forever" a little too much recently got one poor UK bloke evicted.
Loving the Spice Girls' "Viva Forever" a little too much recently got one poor UK bloke evicted.

Metallica: "The people who like them just look dirty, like they need a bath. They have long, nasty hair, and smell like stale cigarettes and weed. The music makes me cringe, and all I think about is the scumbags that like it."

My Chemical Romance: "They're just...bad, and so contrived. That cover of 'Under Pressure' was beyond evil. It's like they take everything I like about music and jump up and down and piss on it."

Nickelback: "In my opinion, one of the worst bands that I ever heard. I cannot give you specific reasons about the music itself, because if I am subjected to listening to it, I will change the station, leave the bar, etc. I will take whatever action is necessary in order to not have to listen to shitty music."

One Direction: "I hate that damn Harry Styles kid because the magazines keep talking about him, and all I want to do is give him a haircut."

Justin Timberlake: "It started during the No Strings Attached days, where crunchy curls gave way to the afro. Later came the ill-advised cornrows. About the same time entered the boy-from-the-hood-but-didn't-sound-like-it-last-week accent that sealed the deal. This guy was annoying.

"I've held steady with time — this opinion isn't a popular one — but find myself easing up some. Still, he's got a ways to go."

Compiled by Chris Gray from the replies submitted to Brando, Corey Deiterman, Cory Garcia, Craig Hlavaty, Jef With One F, Josh Justice, Matthew Keever, Shea Serrano, Nathan Smith and Marco Torres.

The Rocks Off 100

Scary Talents
Longtime punk drummer and now horror-film composer Brian Davis joins our exclusive club.

Jef With One F

Who? You probably know Brian Davis as the drummer for one of Houston's longest-running and most respected bands, 30footFALL. Davis started banging on pots and pans when he was a little kid, and has been playing on an actual kit since his parents gave in and embraced his destiny when he wasten.

He's been a regular 30FF member since he took over percussion duties when Damon Delapaz left for California to record with Fenix-TX on MCA, splitting his time between 30FF and his own band, Middlefinger. It was Davis who laid down tracks for 30FF's 1999 punk masterpiece, Ever Revolving, Never Evolving.

That band's early success took a toll on its members, though, and 30FF has been sort of a semi-regular affair since the mid-'00s, despite a string of excellent records released whenever the fancy takes them. Fans can expect to see them live this June, and for their annual Punk Rock Christmas Show.

But when not working with 30FF, Davis crafts horror-movie music under the moniker Grave Tone Productions. His 2011 album Music to Be Buried By was part concept record, part demo reel to try to interest various scaremakers in his work.

The gambit has paid off well so far. Davis has provided music for 2012's Reel Evil and '90s music-scene documentary When We Ruled H-Town, and has a new EP prepared to release at Dallas horror convention Texas Frightmare in May. We can also look forward to a short film entirely written, directed and scored by Grave Tone later this year.

Home Base: Davis crafts all of his music for Grave Tone in his home studio, and whenever it's time for 30footFall to get their act together, they rent space from Francisco's, as Houston punk tradition dictates. When it comes to the stage, 30FF prefers Fitzgerald's over other venues for the energetic audiences. Fitz has been the band's ground zero for as long as anyone can remember.

Why Do You Stay in Houston?: "Good question," Davis says. "I can't tan, and I often joke that the sun doesn't like me, so I guess mainly because I've been here my whole life. As far as my music career goes, I've stayed in Houston because I've been fortunate enough to play music for a living in addition to being involved with or being part of some great and fun bands and musicians."

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "I'm not too sure what it's like for the younger bands of today, but I would say the lack of respect that all of the musicians get for pursuing their dreams from people who don't know about or support the scene," says Davis. "Most of us will never win a Grammy or sell a million records but it is possible to be successful. Having said that, I don't know how many times I've been asked what I do for a living and when I tell them I'm a musician, they say, 'Oh, but what do you really do?"

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Sheldon:   Or you could, y'know, keep your cool and not fight with her, or at least not in front of the boy.  It takes 2 people to argue; if you don't play her game, both you and the boy win.  If you continue to fall prey to her ploys, or worse remove yourself from your son's life, both you and the boy lose, especially the boy.  And then you probably become the source of a lifetime's worth of problems for the boy.

It's really a no-brainer.

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