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As the language states, "[a]ll federal acts, laws, executive orders, agency orders, and rules or regulations" relating to firearm confiscation, clip limitations, taxation or registration will now be considered "invalid" within League City. Despite any potential legislation Texas's federal Senators and Congresspeople may help pass in the future, League City will remain immune to the dictated change.

The federal government "is filing legislation, [and] the thing that infuriates me is that they exempt themselves from their own legislation," Thiess added. "It's the same thing as they did with Obamacare. How dare they?"

It makes a certain sense that League City, which boasts the largest percentage of concealed handgun licensees in the state, would spearheard this measure. But Thiess noted that more than a dozen other cities — "from here straight through to the west of Texas" — have reached out to her for copies of the resolution. Furthermore, a bill, HB 553, has been filed in Austin expanding League City's suggestion to the statewide level. Filed by Dayton's Representative John Otto, HB 553 not only mandates that the state nullify any federal firearm and clip regulation, but would also turn any attempted confiscation into a criminal offense.

But even if HB 553 doesn't pass, or if it's struck down in the near future, League City will continue its policy and will continue its legacy as the first city in Texas to invalidate any federal statutes pertaining to firearm regulation. Regardless of what the elected representatives in Washington declare, League City has granted itself the ability to ignore such laws.

There are questions, naturally, about the legality of the entire resolution. Much like marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, socioeconomic issues become blurred when multiple bodies govern the same statutes.

"I do staunchly believe this will hold up in court," Thiess said via e-mail. "If our federal government attempts to sue our town to crush lawful and necessary dissent, it will prove their utter lawlessness and oppression. And then all Americans everywhere will see the threat of tyranny for what it is."

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