Wonders Never Cease

Houston promotes its present-day music scene to the national media.

Blunstone and original keyboardist/vocalist Rod Argent are the two beating hearts of the current Zombies lineup, which also includes Jim Rodford (ex-Argent, Kinks) on bass, son Steve Rodford on drums and Tom Toomey on guitar. A new record, Breathe Out, Breathe In, was released last year.

"I think it's very natural from what the Zombies have done in the past," says Blunstone. "And Rod and I have always worked the same way. This was the ten best songs we had at the time, just like Odessey and Oracle [sic] was the best 12 songs we had then. It's funny to me that people think that was a concept album, and it wasn't."

The Zombies and Elephant Stone play Sunday, March 17, at Fitzgerald's (upstairs), 2706 White Oak, 713-862-3838,

Willie D.
Willie D.

Ask Willie D

Deadbeat Son
A reader is having a hard time getting her offspring to leave the nest.

Willie D

Dear Willie D:

My son is a complete and utter deadbeat. Since he graduated from high school four years ago, he has been to jail twice: once for possession of marijuana and the other time for driving with a suspended license. He still lives at home with me and his father, and all he does every single moment of the day is smoke weed, sleep, eat and use the bathroom.

Growing up, he was a good kid but he wasn't required to do chores, and we — or should I say I — gave him everything he wanted without conditions. His father says it's time for him to get out on his own and become a man. But knowing how I handicapped him, I can't bring myself to kick my son out of the house. I feel responsible. What do I do?

Dear Guilty:

Children are like bank accounts: You get out of them what you put into them. If your account balance is $50 and you write a check for $2,000, what do you think is going to happen?

At this point, your son's behavior might be ­irreversible. Children have to be given boundaries and taught the value of work and re­sponsibility in their most formative years, which many experts say is birth to 15. By not teaching your son the habit of responsibility, by default you taught him the habit of ­irresponsibility.

If you really want your grown son out of your house, on his own and functioning as a responsible adult, give him a move-out date and stick to it; six to nine months should be plenty of time for him to find a job and get his own place.

If he fails to do so within that time period, you will have to inject some tough love and kick him out, or he might become your bingo partner in a few years.

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