The Doctor Is in (Jail)

Michael Brown's wild week.

Richard Connelly

A 17-year-old Humble High School student has told cops that she and her dance instructor had sex too many times to count while the teacher's husband was away.

The teacher, Amanda Feenstra, faces a felony charge of improper relationship with a student.

Court documents show the student said, "There were so many times that [Feenstra] and she had sex, she cannot remember every specific date."

The relationship between the 29-year-old teacher and the student lasted from August 2010 to November 2011, court documents say.

School officials told investigators that the girl "felt embarrassed and trapped" and "had lost all her friends," and therefore was hesitant to come forward. She made her outcry to authorities in September.

Court documents say the two became friendly, to the point where the student would spend the night in Feenstra's guest room.

According to investigators:

The complainant stated that the first sexual contact was at the defendant's house while defendant's husband was not home. The defendant kissed and dry-humped the [com­plainant]. The second sexual contact was when both of them took off their clothes and the two touched each other and then the defendant used her mouth to give the plaintiff cunnilingus.

The defendant brought a vibrating erect penis (dildo) and would use the dildo on the complainant.

The two also had sex in the office of the dancing team, which is known as "The Wild Cadets."

According to the student, "she tried to get away from the defendant and thought graduating was her way out, but the defendant was stalking her by coming to her job and always calling her phone so she needed to talk to someone about this."

Feenstra is out on a $30,000 bond; court documents do not indicate whether she has a lawyer yet.

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YEP....that about sums it up except rumor has it that he will be released from jail next week!  WHAT????  I'll have to call the Stash (love that name) and say What's up with that?  Crime really does pay?  Defiance for the Court, Judge orders, and laws is a slap on the wrist?  Please tell me this is not true.....  He needs the full 6 months just to get his head around the fact that he is the only one responsible for being in the position he's in!

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