Crazy for Crawfish

Houston's 10 best mudbug joints.

Sadly, however, there is one rather high-profile closing to report. David Guerrero, the chef we profiled in a feature last November, has closed his Peruvian restaurant, Alma Cebiche & Bar, which had been open for only a few short months. Alison Cook writes in 29-95 that Alma "never gained the traction it needed to compete in its west-side market," but reports that there's good news ahead: Guerrero still plans to move into a Montrose bungalow on California at Westheimer and reopen.

Readers may recall that this location was originally planned to house Guerrero's second restaurant, EVO, but Guerrero tells Eater Houston that both Alma and EVO will eventually take form in the space.

In that same post, Eater Houston also reports that Montrose BYOB Sophia closed its doors last week for good.

Freshly boiled bugs at The Seafood Shoppe.
Troy Fields
Freshly boiled bugs at The Seafood Shoppe.
A big, beautiful breakfast at Tel-Wink Grill.
Dawn McGee
A big, beautiful breakfast at Tel-Wink Grill.

You can drown your sorrows in a new Midtown watering hole, however, as CultureMap reports that Capitol Bar has opened in a revamped auto repair shop built in the 1940s. Although it doesn't have a kitchen, Tyler Rudick writes that "Capitol Bar has carved out a dedicated space to host a revolving lineup of food trucks."

Capitol Bar is only a short block away from Leon's Lounge and Mongoose Versus Cobra and will soon have even more company: "A new craft beer joint named Worhals is slated to open several blocks north on Main," reports Rudick, "while former Bachelor contestant Brad Womack is planning a bar named Dogwood further west on Bagby." Looks like the stretch of Main Street in downtown where new bars Clutch City Squire, Bad News Bar, OKRA Charity Saloon and more are opening isn't the only part of Main getting lots of new action these days.

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Bubba's near Memorial Park has a true-blue Cajun doing crawfish on the patio. Last weekend I  hit the spot after a bike ride and was impressed with $4.99/lb. crawfish/extras and beer priced like a Louisiana honky-tonk.