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"It was really a unique time. It's a shame that someone hasn't capitalized on doing something like that again," he says. "I guess it wasn't family-friendly enough; there were too many elements over the boundaries of good taste. But you clean it up, and you lose the environment."

Just a Houston Punk is available at Cactus Music & Video, 2110 Portsmouth, and through Amazon.

Ask Willie D

Sound Exchange on Richmond has never stocked major-label product,  and never will.
Marc Brubaker
Sound Exchange on Richmond has never stocked major-label product, and never will.
Cactus Music is also an art gallery and frequent in-store venue.
Marc Brubaker
Cactus Music is also an art gallery and frequent in-store venue.

Problem Child
A reader seeks advice on handling a difficult stepdaughter.

Willie D

Dear Willie D:

I wanted to know your thoughts on how I should deal with my stepdaughter. The problem is that the mother of the child, my husband's ex-girlfriend, frequently keeps up unnecessary drama. An example of that is when she went off on my husband for being five minutes late dropping the little girl off to her.

Another example is when she said my son physically abused her daughter so that the court would take away my husband's rights to visitation, but she wanted my husband to still pay child support. That issue affected our marriage deeply.

When the accusations were made, we got a lawyer and filed for visitation rights. The outcome was that we proved to the court the accusations were false. As a result, my husband received standard visitation.

My question is, how should I treat my stepchild, who is now showing some of the same characteristics as her mother, and how do I go about loving her as my own when there are so many things getting in the way of my love for her?

Dear Trying:

Your husband needs to put his big-boy pants on and check his daughter and her ignorant mother. First, he needs to lay down the law with some house rules for his daughter, and enforce consequences if she doesn't comply.

Then he needs to put the child's mother on notice that her days of bringing chaos into his home are over. But threats alone will not get it; he'll have to have a firm follow-through. If that means giving her a taste of her own medicine by putting the police and the courts in her life, so be it.

Loving someone else's child as you would your own can be accomplished if you train your mind to view the child as if you were responsible for her conception. If your biological child robbed a bank or got strung out on drugs, you wouldn't disown her or throw in the towel.

Instead, you would fight for her and use every resource at your disposal to support and get her on the right track. Although your situation may be complicated, the answer isn't. Unconditional love is the only way to love your stepchild as your own.

See more advice from Willie D Thursday mornings on Rocks Off.

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