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Drop-Off Service
Ambulance flagged, body dumped.

Richard Connelly

A Galveston-based ambulance was driving along the South Loop on a recent afternoon when a small black SUV pulled up alongside.

As the vehicles continued along, the driver and the passenger of the SUV managed to convey the message that they needed the ambulance to pull over ASAP, which it did in the 3600 block of South Loop West, between South Main and Stella Link.

At first things seemed at least somewhat normal, Houston police say: "The ambulance pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway and the suspects pulled in behind them," HPD says, with "the suspects" being two people in the SUV. "The suspects then pulled the victim from the back seat of their vehicle...and put him on the grass."

So far, so good? Not so much.

The guy who'd been dumped off in the grass had been shot, and what's worse: "As Galveston emergency personnel treated the victim, the suspects fled the scene in their vehicle," HPD says.

Here — you guys take it!! We're outta here!! (Aren't you supposed to wait for Mr. Wolf in these situations?)

The Galveston EMTs continued with the treatment of the victim, whose name has not been released. A Houston ambulance took him to Ben Taub, where he was pronounced dead.

The suspects are described only as two black males, 18 to 22 years of age.

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