Keep Houston Beard

A movement, for the playoffs.

DF: What is so righteous about this shirt to me is that it encompasses a couple of ideas. The first obviously being about Harden and the Rockets and our love affair with our new superstar player, but the play on the Austin thing kind of gives Houston a little slice of identity, a slogan that represents our love of the Rockets, Houston and well...beards. The city really needs to get behind this Rockets team even more than before, because this team is actually pretty damn good and they're all still kids right now. James Harden is the superstar we've been waiting for, and his facial hair has proved quite marketable.

How do you keep Houston beard...besides wearing a shirt?

MM: Grow a beard, support the Rockets, the Texans (Ed Reed), the Dynamo (Adam Moffat), the...Astros (who's even on this team anymore?) and be proud of your city and your facial hair. And if you can't grow facial hair, you can do like our buddy Dave and buy a beard to wear.

Grow a beard, support the rockets.
Miguel Molina and Derek Finley
Grow a beard, support the rockets.
James Harden is the (beard) man.
Amanda Cain
James Harden is the (beard) man.

DF: Buy 12 shirts and make everyone in your family wear them. All the time.

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