Maine-ly Delicious at Maine-ly Sandwiches

The lobster roll is the main attraction at Maine-ly Sandwiches.

It occurred to me on the last visit that although I've eaten many a lobster roll in my life, I'd never eaten one from Maine. I had no true barometer, I thought, by which to gauge authenticity or make comparisons. I asked my dining companion to describe it to me — the entire sensory overload of it all — and what he laid out wasn't the expected, epic, rugged tale of lobster traps being deposited directly into hot buttered buns on a rocky New England coast.

Instead, it was a story about driving around aimlessly in search of this one particular shack on a wharf, which my friend claimed was about the same size as Maine-ly Sandwiches, and eating a lobster roll exactly like the one in front of us. It sounded, in short, like eating at Maine-ly Sandwiches — especially that first confused drive north to find the place amid the rush of traffic and the camouflage of identical beige strip malls that spill across Houston like an ocean.

And I realized that I didn't need a Maine story of my own in order to enjoy the lobster roll at Maine-ly Sandwiches. Authenticity is an artificial construction biased by our own personal histories and preferences and colored by our own affections and nostalgia. All that's important is that the lobster roll that Buddy Charity makes at Maine-ly ­Sandwiches is stupendous in its simplicity, attractive in its honest and straightforward construction, and far more delicious than the sum of its few, perfect parts.

The lobster roll is the main attraction at Maine-ly Sandwiches.
Troy Fields
The lobster roll is the main attraction at Maine-ly Sandwiches.

Location Info


Maine-ly Sandwiches

10745 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77037

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Outer Loop - NW


Hours: 11 a..m to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
Cup of soup: $3.25
Meatball sandwich: $5.55
Half lobster roll: $9
Whole lobster roll: $18
Whoopie pie: $1.45

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Way overpriced for the amount of lobster you get for $17 its pre measured in a clear sandwich bag!


Decent, but not worth 18 dollars for a footlong.

Lisa Bergman
Lisa Bergman

This is as good as it gets! From a transplanted New Englander.

Mark Markovich
Mark Markovich

Oooooh! I might have to drive up there to get one!


Your review casued me to go there from dowtown for lunch today.  Last time I had a good lobster roll I was in Boston.  The drive up there was well worth it and I was only gone a total of a little under an hour after leaving at 1:00. 

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

They also tried to perfect the same sour pickles as they have up north.  I suggest getting 1/2 a lobster roll & a spicy salami.  Both are unique to this area of the nation and definitely worth a try.

texmex01 topcommenter

I am not a fan of Mayo at all, but if they dress it the way you suggest I might give this place a chance...


They're going to need to open up a shop in town.


I bought their Groupon, but haven't gotten over there yet to try it. Seems like the word is spreading quickly about them though. Can't wait to try it out.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Were I still located in Spring I'd be all over that, sounds awesome..


You can ask for it with no mayo.   They don't make it till you order it.

kshilcutt moderator editor

@texmex01 You can't even taste the mayo; it just binds the lobster meat together. I think you'll like it.  :)