Exploring The Camera-Ready

The way broadcast journalists and politicans present themselves to th epublic is explored in Tell Me What You Want ro Hear by Liz Magic Laser

I think most people understand that there are agendas and manipulation involved in politics and the media, so much so that these have almost become conventions rather than deceptions. It is actually Laser's agenda and manipulation that are murkier.

I didn't see the media training workshops, but I heard they were interesting. Only brief clips were shown from the workshop as part of the live program. Although one of them became unintentionally (?) revealing when Buggs commented on the clip off-script, talking about her hair and saying it was a working lunch and she wasn't camera-ready. Is it a part of media training that if you have curly ethnic hair, it must be straightened in order to be "camera-ready?" Garcia's hair was flat-ironed to death for the live event. The conventions and rationales of "camera-ready" have broad cultural ramifications. I'd love to see more from the workshop, to see people doing their jobs in a field that controls and shapes our images of and interactions with our leaders and news providers.

Well-known Houstonians were recruited for this work.
Well-known Houstonians were recruited for this work.

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"Liz Magic Laser: Tell Me What You Want to Hear"

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Perhaps Laser needs to step back from her work and give the participants even more control. Tell Me What You Want to Hear has some interesting moments, but it feels halfway between Laser's past (and largely successful) use of actors and something that could be riskier but ultimately fascinating.

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