WorldFest Profiling

Muslim's backpack searched.

This entire episode is insane... After a false evacuation alarm... and the appearance of a single individual Hijab (eye slit only) clad individual without any friends, sitting up front in the room... I was only concerned for the safety of our many guests.. she was carrying a large dark backpack that was heavy and fully loaded... upon a brief inspection, it turned out to be 3-4 water bottles... I was extremely polite and thanked her after the 60-second interchange... there was nothing else to it. This entire issue has been created by the Rudd individual.

Mr. Rudd either has some perverse agenda or is highly misguided. He refused to talk with me later outside the seminar room... he seemed to want to have it out - right there and right then. He refused two requests to step aside, rudely confronting me with angry accusations and outburst. I was only trying to start the delayed seminar.

I was referring to your lack of interest in the film festival, until something unpleasant comes along. I will long remember how you have treated me and the festival. Mr. Rudd is being quite disingenuous. He has never mentioned the complete circumstances.



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Just repeating what his seasonal EMPLOYEES told me.


Again, find out how the "judging" of the films occurs.  Who are the judges?  The last I heard it was Todd, the wife and the then adolescent daughter.


@Loona_c Loona is looney... how could three people possibly judge thousands of intl entries from 33 nations! Also, the many judges and jury heads are amazed and insulted by this remarkably ignorant little statement. As we know, Todd has always headed the Shorts Jury - made up of 5-7 other award-winning filmmakers. Kathleen Haney heads up the Features jury with 5-7 members, plus staff. The Screenplay jury is made up of 10-15 Intl award-winning writer/directors from the USA and Canada... they read every screenplay... What an idiotic remark. Todd gave first honors to Spielberg, Lucas, Ang Lee, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, Randal Kleiser, Oliver Stone, and hundreds more... give me a break! So we think they do a pretty fine job. Get a Life, Loona!

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