Distant Relatives

Houston's Luisa Diaz is NYC rapper Nas's biggest fan, with the tattoos to prove it.

4. DeLorean, "Breathe" Have you been paying attention to DeLorean? No seriously, have you been paying attention? His new project Grace isn't debut Hood Politics, but it might be even more vicious since he's calling in the big guns.

There's a track with Bun B on here; a track with Trae Tha Truth as well. Hell, the current king of Southern smoke-and-ride, Big K.R.I.T., produces something here too. But Grace's coup de grâce to the competition is this tightly wound hummer of a track from DJ Mr. Rogers that bottles DeLorean's essence into about three minutes: calm, effortless.

3. Roosh Williams feat. Scarface & CG, "Bets OnMe" In March, Roosh Williams released deja roo: Times Have Changed, a free album featuring heavyweights such as Action Bronson and Bubba Sparxxx. We've been here before with the Sparxxx track, but not with "Bets On Me," a crawling slab of piano-infused, Scarface-assisted sorrow and state-your-case ferocity. This true gem closes out the album with Facemob's best verse since his kick-in-the-door return a year ago on DJ Khaled's "Hip-Hop" track. Boom.

Roosh Williams
Roosh Williams

2. Easy Yves Saint, "Smart" Why did this take forever? Get one of the city's defter lyricists, toss him on some classic NYC production and let him just be him? Technical isn't the word with Yves. Well, it might be, but who else do you know will use a legit palindrome in a rap, call it out and then keep going? Only him.

1. Trae Tha Truth feat. Future, "Screwed Up" Future Vandross on a hook. Trae Tha Truth returning to that gravel-low double-time flow and being thoroughly enjoyable as always. I wish trillion-dollar swaggers existed, though. They sound like the greatest car accessory ever.

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lordofgamas 2 Like

Damn, and I thought I was a fan of Nas. That's incredible. Best MC alive, no doubt.

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